Project Cancer Education

Through interactive sessions, attendees assume the roles of researchers, physicians, and patients to experience first-hand the complexities of research-based cancer care.

Ohio State’s Comprehensive Cancer Center – James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute (OSUCCC-James) helps elected officials and other community leaders learn about the intricate process of translational research through Project Cancer Education (PCE), a hands-on initiative that closely acquaints participants with the complexities of research-based cancer care.

PCE participants spend a day at the OSUCCC-James to learn about

Laboratory researchers' role in cancer care:
Though discoveries at the lab bench lead to bedside treatments, research is often the most overlooked component of translational medicine, despite being the most important component.

The financial burdens associated with world-class cancer care:
Amid rising costs and continuing cuts in state and federal funding, government plays a huge role in providing financial support for translational medicine

The significance of our status as an academic medical center:

As part of our mission to create a cancer-free world, we train future doctors, researchers and other experts in cancer care.

Participants in PCE learn not in a classroom setting but by assuming the roles of researchers, oncologists and patients alike – following their paths by attending meetings and patient rounds, taking part in simulated exercises, engaging with patients, and tracking actual patient case scenarios from diagnosis through survivorship.

Ultimately, PCE helps elected officials and other community leaders better understand the benefit of having a nationally designated comprehensive cancer center and more fully appreciate how their decisions, policies and actions affect the OSUCCC-James’ mission to eradicate cancer.

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