Patient Care Framework

Our Professional Practie Model

The OSUCCC – James Nursing Professional Practice Model (PPM) artistically portrays how our vision,mission, philosophy and value statements come to life.The model reminds us that the profession of nursing has a core set of values, an identified body of knowledge,autonomous decision-making, peer review of practice and professional organizations for setting standards.Our PPM affirms our sense of professionalism and our commitment to excellence.

The five components include Leadership and Governance, Patient Care, Innovation and Research, Professional Relationships, and Development and Recognition. Shared Governance is the foundational platform that supports decision-making by nurses. The other four components are embedded within the governance ring to signify how tightly these core components are integrated.

The PPM was inspired by the ancient mandala. Traditional mandalas function as intricate maps, presenting the viewer with a journey from the periphery to the center. We designed this mandala to guide our practice as individual oncology nurses and as a community of James nurses. It portrays the beauty, captures the emotion and illuminates the essence of oncology nursing at The James.

The model guides our practice and depicts how James nurses make valuable contributions to the Medical Center's three-part mission of patient care, education and research, and how we support The OSUCCC – James vision: creating a cancer-free world, one person, one discovery at a time.

Click here to download the PPM Companion Piece that includes details about each of the five components.

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Our Conceptual Framework

Relationship Based Care* (RBC) is the conceptual framework used to translate our James nursing vision, mission, philosophy and value statements into action every day as we strive to crate a caring and healing environment. Care is experienced when one human being connects with another. The central focus of RBC is the patient and family. Relationship-Based Care also emphasizes three other crucial caring relationships; with self, with colleagues and with the broader communities that we serve. The RBC framework is bed on the caring theories of Jean Watson and Kristen Swanson. 
* Used with permission from Creative Health Care Management, Inc. © (2004) Relationship Based Care:  A Model for Transforming Practice.  Creative Health Care Management, Inc. (CCCM) at

Our Care Delivery Model 

Primary nursing is the care delivery model that is utilized in all patient care settings, inpatient, outpatient and perioperative. Primary nursing allows the nurse to establish a relationship with the patient and family and partner with them to develop an individualized plan of care. The primary nurse is responsible to coordinate care with other care providers and transitions the relationship between the various care settings as well as along the trajectory of cancer care from diagnosis through treatment to survivorship or end of life care.


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