Melanoma Treatment Team

Meet the experts who make OSUCCC-James a nationally-recognized leader in cancer care and research.


Director of the Division of Dermatology
Associate Professor of Internal Medicine
Shannon Campbell, DO
Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine
Henry Wong, MD, PhD
Associate Professor, Internal Medicine - Dermatology
Mohs Surgery
David Carr, MD
Assistant Professor, Internal Medicine - Dermatology
David Lambert, MD
Associate Professor, Internal Medicine - Dermatology


Sara Peters, MD
Associate Professor, Director, Dermatopathology

Surgical Oncology

Doreen Agnese, MD
Assistant Professor, Division of Surgical Oncology
Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, Clinical Cancer Genetics

John Howard, MD
Assistant Professor, Division of Surgical Oncology

Alicia Terando, MD
Assistant Professor of Surgery, Division of Surgical Oncology

Medical Oncology

Kari Kendra, MD, PhD
Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, Division of Medical Oncology

Thomas Olencki, DO
Professor of Internal Medicine, Division of Medical Oncology

Clinical Cancer Genetics
Amanda Toland, PhD
Principal Investigator
Dawn Allain, MS, CGC
Genetics Counselor Coordinator
Ilene Comeras, RN, OCN, CCRC
Research Nurse
(614) 293-7832

Radiation Oncology

Evan Wuthrick, MD
Assistant Professor, Radiation Medicine


Head & Neck Surgical Oncology

D. Bradley Welling, MD, PhD, Chair
Professor of Otolaryngology
Co-Director, Cranial Base Surgery
Director, Otology and Neurotology

Amit Agrawal, MD
Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology, Division of Head and Neck Surgery

Ricardo Carrau, MD
Professor, Otolaryngology

Matthew Old, MD
Assistant Professor, Otolaryngology

Enver Ozer, MD
Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology

Assistant Professor of Otolaryngology
Director, Division of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Professor, Otolaryngology; Director, Head and Neck Oncologic Surgery

Reconstructive Surgery

Albert Chao, MD
Associate Professor, Department of Plastic Surgery

Michael Miller, MD ​
Professor, Director, Plastic Surgery




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