Solid Tumor Translational Science

​The Solid Tumor Shared Resource (STSR) team works closely with clinical and translational scientists on the design and development of customizable portfolio validation assays to provide the most innovative correlative science studies associated with early phase solid tumor oncology clinical trials.

The goals of the STSR are:

Work closely/collaboratively with investigators to develop and manage projects as well as troubleshoot experimental design; provides consultation and guidance to investigators related to assay development and analysis for clinical trials.

Develop a customizable portfolio of validation assays in order to provide the most innovative correlative science for solid tumor oncology phase I/II clinical trials.

Partner with other OSUCCC Shared Resource Directors, college/department leaders as well as investigator’s laboratories to identify and strategically utilize available technologies to enhance STTS services and provide the greatest scientific and economic benefits to the clinical investigator.

Identify and assist in the development of strategic partnerships between clinical investigators and appropriate pharmaceutical/biomedical companies to gain greater access to new drugs/compounds and provide the study-wide corresponding correlative science testing/analysis.

Laboratory Services:
DNA, RNA, miRNA purification from FFPE or fresh frozen samples
Circulating nucleic acid (DNA, miRNA) purification from plasma
Highly sensitive custom allele-specific mutation assays
Ion Torrent Next-gen AmpliSeq Cancer Panel and custom designed panels
High quality copy number, genotype and somatic mutation data using  Affymetrix
OncoScan FFPE Express 2.0 (available in house Q2 2012)
Immunohistochemical analysis, ELISA
Sample receiving, storage and distribution

Consultation Services:
Identification of relevant laboratory correlates
Generation of correlate sections for LOIs and protocols
Budget development
Development of instructions and SOPs
Data analysis
Director: Cynthia Timmers, Ph.D.
Laboratory Manager: Tom Liu, Ph.D.
For more information about services available through the STTS resource, call 614-366-9041 or e-mail
433 Hamilton Hall, 1645 Neil Ave
(moving to 4th floor BRT Q2 2012)

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