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The Nucleic Acid Shared Resource now has an ionTorrent.   Powered by Ion Torrent™ semiconductor chip technology, the Ion Personal Genome Machine™ (PGM™) Sequencer delivers the fastest run times, at the most affordable price, of any next-generation sequencer. High accuracy, and long reads put the Ion PGM™ Sequencer in a class of its own and makes next-generation sequencing more accessible to scientists around the world.  Come try our affordable benchtop sequencer for small genomes and targeted sequencing.  For more information please contact Dr. Alder @

Download the ionTorrent price list here.


Effective Monday, April 2, the Real-Time PCR lab is migrating from a schedule-based service to a drop-off based service.

After completing a request in eRAMP (, please drop off your plate(s). You will no longer be required to reserve a machine. The plate(s) will be run according to the submission order. This process is intended to improve service and efficiency eliminating cancellation issues and delays due to late submissions.

Additionally, the usage of Fast Chemistries will increase the capacity of our AB7900HT and StepOnePlus machines. We anticipate that the process of dropping off samples will provide overall faster service.

Thank you for your understanding.  



The NASR focuses on comprehensive nucleic acid support that optimizes expertise and technologically advanced genomic equipment to provide reliable, economical and timely results.  It provides the OSUCCC–James' research community with centralized instrumentation and expertise for: Sanger-based and non-Sanger-based DNA sequencing, genotyping, DNA methylation analysis, and gene expression analysis. It also offers accessory equipment for quantitative measurement and quality control of nucleic acids, and nucleic acid imaging.

Illumina HiSeq 2000  The lllumina HiSeq 2000 sequencer has undergone major changes since its launch in February 2010. This includes larger flow cells and new image analysis software to bring sequencing output to 1.6 billion (200 million reads per lane, 8 lanes per flow cell) passed filter reads. more. . .

The Nucleic Acid Shared Resource (NASR) is a multifunctional, state-of-the-art core laboratory that combines numerous technologies to facilitate cancer research at OSUCCC–James.

Chemistry update in the NASR-RTPCR Shared Resource: In order to optimize the usage of the Real-Time PCR machines the OSUCCC NASR has switched to Fast TaqMan and Fast SYBR Green Chemistries. Users will have to provide reagents and plates that are compatible with our fast thermocycling protocols:

Fast SYBR Green Master Mix, Applied Biosystems Part Number 4385612 The NASR will use the Applied Biosystems TaqMan Fast Advanced Master Mix since it has the best bench top stability, up to 72 hours (please contact Richard Naher ( for specific Part Number).

Optical Fast 96-Well Plates, Applied Biosystems Part Number 4366932 

Optical Caps, Applied Biosystems Part Number 4323032 

Optical 384-Well plates, Applied Biosystems Part Number 4343370 (used for Fast and Standard Chemistry) MicroAmp Optical Adhesive Film, Applied Biosystems Part Number 4311971

Please contact Richard Naher ( for special pricing.

Please contact Hansjuerg Alder ( for any other questions. 




Both OSUCCC–James member and non-member investigators have unlimited access to training, consultation, troubleshooting and assistance in experimental design.

The NASR Illumina Core provides single-read and long- and short-insert, paired-end reads for genome sequencing, transcriptome analysis, and gene regulation and epigenetic profiling. The Illumina Core provides these next-generation sequencing services to OSUCCC–James members collaboratively.

The NASR’s goals are to:

  • Provide reliable, high-quality, affordable, low- and high-throughput standard user-level genomic and epigenomic support
  • Provide, optimize, develop and apply early access technologies relevant to cancer research
  • Provide and develop infrastructure and staff for progressive technologies for cancer research
  • Provide immediate access to data analysis and troubleshooting
  • Provide investigators with training in data analysis, data interpretation and experimental strategies, and provide assistance with investigator publication

Directors:  Hansjuerg Alder, PhD and Pearlly Yan, PhD

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