Biomedical Informatics

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The Biomedical Informatics Shared Resource (BISR) advances cancer research quality for OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center members by supporting high-throughput, novel experiments that link multi-dimensional phenotypic and bio-molecular data sets to disseminate innovative cancer research conclusions.

Via the two arms this Shared Resource comprises – Computational Biology Services (CBS) and Data Sharing Infrastructure (DSI) – the BISR provides state-of-the-art informatics tools and high-quality informatics analysis. 

CBS provides investigators with computational biology consultative services. These services utilize and coordinate data-intensive techniques that include: microarray analysis of gene and miRNA expression, microarray analysis of SNPs, qRT-PCR data analysis, massively parallel sequencing analysis, image analysis and other bioinformatics analysis. CBS also assists researchers with accessing publicly available data to generate new hypotheses or draw new conclusions via integrative analysis of both public and private data sources. 

DSI offers extensible, service-oriented, data-sharing infrastructure components. These components can link data repositories and analytical services that span OSUCCC Shared Resources, investigator-maintained resources and institutional information technology systems. DSI also offers investigators access to readily adoptable tools and computational platforms capable of quickly and efficiently assembling and executing data analytic pipelines. For more information, please visit  

The BISR’s goals are to:

  • Provide state-of-the-art computational biology service
  • Provide access to readily adoptable, service-oriented technologies and platforms that facilitate use of data analytic pipelines
  • Provide custom research data management, application development, deployment and support


Jeffrey D. Parvin, MD, PhD
Philip R.O. Payne, PhD               
Kun Huang, PhD

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