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The Shared Resources at Ohio State’s Comprehensive Cancer Center – James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute are an NCI-recognized network of specialized service facilities, or core facilities, which facilitate an investigator's ability to conduct cancer research by reaching across medical disciplines. We offer: expert leadership and training; clinical, administrative and technical support; and state-of-the-art instrumentation to cancer researchers.

With a focus on three primary research areas – laboratory, clinical and population-based –OSUCCC–James' Shared Resources are dedicated to maintaining open accessibility to all of our members. By providing a cost-effective means for users to advance their investigations, the Shared Resources deliver measurable scientific value to the broader cancer research community while offering an important venue for scientists to explore hypotheses, determine outcomes and communicate findings via numerous platforms and publications.

The Shared Resources are funded in part by the OSUCCC–James Cancer Center Support Grant from the National Cancer Institute, by strategic partnerships with various University colleges and departments, and by established chargeback systems.

Through a collaborative affiliation, OSUCCC–James and Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center have made available to researchers several unique and valuable core services in the areas of research-grade and GMP-grade vector production, translational trials development and support assays, and GTP-compliant clean-room cell manipulations.

The Shared Resources are available to investigators (both within and outside of the University) who adhere to usage guidelines. 

Download a PDF of the  Shared Resources booklet which includes an updated list and description of the OSUCCC Shared Resources.

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Analytical Cytometry
Jeffrey J. Chalmers, PhD
Leukemia Tissue Bank
IDavid Lucas, PhD
Behavioral Measurement
Paul Reiter, PhD
Medicinal Chemistry
Ching-Shih Chen, PhD
Biomedical Informatics
Jeffrey Parvin, MD, PhD
Philip Payne, PhD
Hansjeurg Alder, PhD
Pearlly Yan, PhD
Biorepository and Biospecimen Resource
Scott Scrape, MD
John M. Robinson, PhD 
Biostatistics Core
David Jarjoura, PhD
Nucleic Acid
David Symer, MD, PhD
Pearlly Yan, PhD
Clinical Trials Office
Steven Devine, MD
Nutrient and Phytochemical Analytics
Steven J. Schwartz, PhD
Clinical Treatment Unit/
Clinical Trials Processing Lab
Larry Schaaf, PhD
Mitch Phelps, PhD
Comparative Pathology & Mouse Phenotyping
Krista M. D. La Perle, DVM, PhD
Kari Green, PhD
Genetically Engineered Mouse Modeling
Vincenzo Coppola, MD
Small Animal Imaging
Kimerly A. Powell, PhD

Solid Tumor Translational Science
Cynthia Timmers, PhD


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