Innate Immunity

The Innate Immunity research program is one of OSUCCC–James six highly interactive cancer research programs. Our programs comprise more than 300 plus leading scientists from 11 different colleges within Ohio State and affiliated academic institutions.

Innate Immunity's primary goals are not only to investigate areas in innate immunity that are cancer-relevant but also to foster research collaborations. Devoted to scientific excellence and specifically tailored to capitalize on the professional strengths and expertise of our members, we focus on:

  • Studying the innate immunity system’s role in modulating tumor cell growth
  • Elucidating pathways that relate to development, biology and anti-tumor activities of natural killer cells and macrophages
  • Investigating therapeutic strategies that direct the immune system to eliminate cancer cells
  • Translating findings into clinical trials for cancer patients
Leader:  William Carson III, MD






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