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Rolf Barth F MD
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Current Publications

  • Barth RF, Kabalka GW, Yang W, Huo T, Nakkula RJ, Shaikh AL, Haider SA, Chandra SEvaluation of unnatural cyclic amino acids as boron delivery agents for treatment of melanomas and gliomas.Appl Radiat Isot 88 38-42 6/1/2014
  • Yang W, Barth RF, Huo T, Kabalka GW, Shaikh AL, Haider SA, Chandra SEffects of l-DOPA pre-loading on the uptake of boronophenylalanine using the F98 glioma and B16 melanoma models.Appl Radiat Isot 88 69-73 6/1/2014
  • Chandra S, Ahmad T, Barth RF, Kabalka GWQuantitative evaluation of boron neutron capture therapy (BNCT) drugs for boron delivery and retention at subcellular-scale resolution in human glioblastoma cells with imaging secondary ion mass spectrometry (SIMS).J Microsc 254 146-56 6/1/2014
  • Zhang H, Zhong H, Barth RF, Cao M, Das IJImpact of dose size in single fraction spatially fractionated (grid) radiotherapy for melanoma.Med Phys 41 021727 2/1/2014
  • Yang W, Barth RF, Huo T, Nakkula RJ, Weldon M, Gupta N, Agius L, Grecula JCRadiation therapy combined with intracerebral administration of carboplatin for the treatment of brain tumors.Radiat Oncol 9 25 1/1/2014
  • Sjuvarsson E, Damaraju VL, Mowles D, Sawyer MB, Tiwari R, Agarwal HK, Khalil A, Hasabelnaby S, Goudah A, Nakkula RJ, Barth RF, Cass CE, Eriksson S, Tjarks WCellular influx, efflux, and anabolism of 3-carboranyl thymidine analogs: potential boron delivery agents for neutron capture therapy.J Pharmacol Exp Ther 347 388-97 11/1/2013
  • Chandra S, Barth RF, Haider SA, Yang W, Huo T, Shaikh AL, Kabalka GWBiodistribution and subcellular localization of an unnatural boron-containing amino acid (cis-ABCPC) by imaging secondary ion mass spectrometry for neutron capture therapy of melanomas and gliomas.PLoS One 8 e75377 1/1/2013

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