David Carbone P MD, PhD

David Carbone P MD, PhD
ProfessorCollege of Medicinecarbone.41@osu.edu
488 Biomedical Research Tower 460 W 12th Avenue Columbus Ohio 43210
Phone:614-685-4479Fax: (614) 293-4372
  • Translational Therapeutics

Research Description

Carbone is an expert in the molecular genetics of lung tumors, which includes understanding the specific cells and genetic markers in each patient’s lung cancer and developing treatments and drugs that target specific tumor cells. His research interests, grant support and publications focus on lung cancer, specifically genetics, immunotherapy, tumor-associated immunosuppression mechanisms and gene therapy.

Current Publications

  • Arasada RR, Amann JM, Rahman MA, Huppert SS, Carbone DPEGFR Blockade Enriches for Lung Cancer Stem-like Cells through Notch3-Dependent Signaling.Cancer Res in press 8/14/2014
  • Kaufman JM, Amann JM, Park K, Arasada RR, Li H, Shyr Y, Carbone DPLKB1 Loss induces characteristic patterns of gene expression in human tumors associated with NRF2 activation and attenuation of PI3K-AKT.J Thorac Oncol 9 794-804 6/1/2014
  • Pirazzoli V, Nebhan C, Song X, Wurtz A, Walther Z, Cai G, Zhao Z, Jia P, de Stanchina E, Shapiro EM, Gale M, Yin R, Horn L, Carbone DP, Stephens PJ, Miller V, Gettinger S, Pao W, Politi KAcquired resistance of EGFR-mutant lung adenocarcinomas to afatinib plus cetuximab is associated with activation of mTORC1.Cell Rep 7 999-1008 5/22/2014
  • Imielinski M, Greulich H, Kaplan B, Araujo L, Amann J, Horn L, Schiller J, Villalona-Calero MA, Meyerson M, Carbone DPOncogenic and sorafenib-sensitive ARAF mutations in lung adenocarcinoma.J Clin Invest 124 1582-6 4/1/2014
  • Horn L, Carbone DPReducing lung cancer mortality: 2014 update.Semin Oncol 41 3-4 2/1/2014
  • Adachi Y, Ohashi H, Imsumran A, Yamamoto H, Matsunaga Y, Taniguchi H, Nosho K, Suzuki H, Sasaki Y, Arimura Y, Carbone DP, Imai K, Shinomura YThe effect of IGF-I receptor blockade for human esophageal squamous cell carcinoma and adenocarcinoma.Tumour Biol 35 973-85 2/1/2014
  • Maitland ML, Levine MR, Lacouture ME, Wroblewski KE, Chung CH, Gordon IO, Szeto L, Ratko G, Soltani K, Kozloff MF, Hoffman PC, Salgia R, Carbone DP, Karrison TG, Vokes EEEvaluation of a novel rash scale and a serum proteomic predictor in a randomized phase II trial of sequential or concurrent cetuximab and pemetrexed in previously treated non-small cell lung cancer.BMC Cancer 14 5 1/1/2014
  • Carbone DP, Chakravarti AFrom the guest editors: management of locally advanced lung cancer.Cancer J 19 199 5/1/2013
  • Giacalone NJ, Den RB, Eisenberg R, Chen H, Olson SJ, Massion PP, Carbone DP, Lu BALDH7A1 expression is associated with recurrence in patients with surgically resected non-small-cell lung carcinoma.Future Oncol 9 737-45 5/1/2013
  • Gautschi O, Dingemans AM, Crowe S, Peters S, Roder H, Grigorieva J, Roder J, Zappa F, Pless M, Brutsche M, Baty F, Bubendorf L, Hsu Schmitz SF, Na KJ, Carbone D, Stahel R, Smit EVeriStrat® has a prognostic value for patients with advanced non-small cell lung cancer treated with erlotinib and bevacizumab in the first line: pooled analysis of SAKK19/05 and NTR528.Lung Cancer 79 59-64 1/1/2013

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