Metin Gurcan N PhD

Metin Gurcan N PhD
Assoc ProfessorCollege of
3190 Graves Hall 333 W 10th Avenue Columbus Ohio 43210
  • Molecular Biology and Cancer Genetics

General Research Interest

image analysis, computer-aided detection/diagnosis

Research Description

Dr. Gurcan's research interests include image analysis and understanding, computer vision with applications to medicine. Over the last decade, his research contributions have concentrated on computer-aided detection and diagnosis (CAD) of cancer. He has developed CAD systems for different organs such as breast, lung and colon and for different modalities such as mammography and CT. CAD development requires interdisciplinary research. Therefore, Dr. Gurcan's research experience covers a wide variety of interrelated fields such as multi-resolution image decomposition, adaptive filtering, statistical pattern recognition, neural networks, image and volume registration, morphological image processing, multi-dimensional optimization, image segmentation, and statistical signal processing. Dr. Gurcan currently manages several histopathological and radiological image analysis related projects funded by the National Cancer Institute, National Library of Medicine, American Cancer Society, Department of Defense and Children’s Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation.

Transinstitutional Work

Dr. Gurcan extensively collaborates with researchers within our institutions at the Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Ohio State University from the departments of Biomedical Informatics, Internal Medicine, Endocrinology, Sports Medicine, Pathology, Radiology, Electrical and Computer Engineering, BioStatistics, Computer-Science and Engineering, Biomedical Engineering, The Ohio SuperComputer Center as well as researchers from around the world: Cleveland Clinic, Vanderbilt University, Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Columbus, Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, University of California San Diego, GRECAEN, France, Bilkent University, Turkey, University of Warwick, England. He is also a frequent lecturer at major international conferences, organizes international conferences, workshops, seminars and contests both in the US and abroad

Current Publications

  • Belhomme P, Toralba S, Plancoulaine B, Oger M, Gurcan MN, Bor-Angelier CHeterogeneity assessment of histological tissue sections in whole slide images.Comput Med Imaging Graph in press 11/20/2014
  • Khan Niazi MK, Yearsley MM, Zhou X, Frankel WL, Gurcan MNPerceptual clustering for automatic hotspot detection from Ki-67-stained neuroendocrine tumour images.J Microsc in press 9/16/2014
  • Kornaropoulos EN, Niazi MK, Lozanski G, Gurcan MNHistopathological image analysis for centroblasts classification through dimensionality reduction approaches.Cytometry A 85 242-55 3/1/2014
  • Niazi MK, Beamer G, Gurcan MNDetecting and characterizing cellular responses to Mycobacterium tuberculosis from histology slides.Cytometry A 85 151-61 2/1/2014
  • Castile RG, Gurcan MN, Mumcuoğlu EU, Long FRImage analysis for cystic fibrosis: computer-assisted airway wall and vessel measurements from low-dose, limited scan lung CT images.J Digit Imaging 26 82-96 2/1/2013
  • Das H, Wang Z, Niazi MK, Aggarwal R, Lu J, Kanji S, Das M, Joseph M, Gurcan M, Cristini VImpact of diffusion barriers to small cytotoxic molecules on the efficacy of immunotherapy in breast cancer.PLoS One 8 e61398 1/1/2013
  • Lozanski G, Pennell M, Shana'ah A, Zhao W, Gewirtz A, Racke F, Hsi E, Simpson S, Mosse C, Alam S, Swierczynski S, Hasserjian RP, Gurcan MNInter-reader variability in follicular lymphoma grading: Conventional and digital reading.J Pathol Inform 4 30 1/1/2013

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