Cheryl A London DVM, PhD

Cheryl A London DVM, PhD
ProfessorCollege of Veterinary
0454 Veterinary Medicine Acad Bldg 1900 Coffey Road Columbus Ohio 43210
Phone:614-292-9554Fax: 614-292-7599
  • Molecular Biology and Cancer Genetics

Current Publications

  • Yaseen Balkhi M, Iwenofu OH, Bakkar N, Ladner KJ, Chandler DS, Houghton PJ, London CA, Kraybill W, Perrotti D, Croce CM, Keller C, Guttridge DCmiR-29 acts as a decoy in sarcomas to protect the tumor suppressor A20 mRNA from degradation by HuR.Sci Signal 6(286) ra63 7/30/2013
  • Sherger M, Kisseberth W, London C, Olivo-Marston S, Papenfuss TLIdentification of myeloid derived suppressor cells in the peripheral blood of tumor bearing dogs.BMC Vet Res 8 209 10/31/2012
  • London C, Mathie T, Stingle N, Clifford C, Haney S, Klein MK, Beaver L, Vickery K, Vail DM, Hershey B, Ettinger S, Vaughan A, Alvarez F, Hillman L, Kiselow M, Thamm D, Higginbotham ML, Gauthier M, Krick E, Phillips B, Ladue T, Jones P, Bryan J, Gill V, Novasad A, Fulton L, Carreras J, McNeill C, Henry C, Gillings SPreliminary evidence for biologic activity of toceranib phosphate (Palladia(®)) in solid tumours.Vet Comp Oncol 10(3) 194-205 9/1/2012
  • Robat C, London C, Bunting L, McCartan L, Stingle N, Selting K, Kurzman I, Vail DMSafety evaluation of combination vinblastine and toceranib phosphate (Palladia®) in dogs: a phase I dose-finding study.Vet Comp Oncol 10(3) 174-83 9/1/2012

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