Image Analysis

Tissue Feature Quantification Using Digital Image Analysis

Tissue features can be specifically stained in mounted tissue sections, digitized and quantified using tissue morphometric software such as Definiens Tissue Studio. Quantified results can replace visual imprecise qualitative assessments. Investigators have used this software based approach to quantify tissue vascular density, specific cell types in tissue, nuclear size and a variety of other features.


Figure 1:  Quantification and location of malignant tissue in research tissue samples. Sufficient malignant tissue must be present in tissue collected for research where a variety of studies may be undertaken. The required malignant tissue quantity may vary depending on research objectives. Some studies may require microdissection of the malignant tissue to enrich the sample. The segmented image can be used to evaluate the expectations from the procured tissue and to plan for microdissection if required (right). [1]


Figure 2: Biomarker quantification and segmentation of cell expression of differentially stained target. Oral mucosa with dysplasia has sustained overexpression of insulin-like Growth Factor II MRNA-Binding Protein 3 (IMP3). The degree and extent of dysplasia in oral mucosal epithelium can be quantified by discriminating the amount and extent of IMP3/COX2 expression (left). During image analysis, different colors can be assigned to represent the degree of cell expression (right). [1]

Sample Abstracts

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Published Abstract in: Biorpreservation Biobanking. 2014;10(2):217. QAC 21.

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