Q. How do I as a physician set up a referral with an oncologist at The James for my patient?


A. The process is easy. You or your office may contact The James Line (New Patient Referral Center) at (614) 293-5066 or toll-free 1-800-293-5066. When you contact us, we will ask you information about the patient's diagnosis, treatment to date and other relevant information (please see our online check list). Having this information on hand will help the scheduling coordinators and the oncology nurses who staff The James Line (New Patient Referral Center) determine how best to help the patient. Therefore, the patient must be aware that this personal health information is being shared with our staff.


Q. How do I arrange an appointment with a cancer specialist for a second opinion consultation?


A. The James has treatment teams of clinical and research physicians who specialize in specific cancers and are happy to oblige you in rendering a second opinion. The process begins by contacting us at (614) 293-5066 or toll-free 1-800-293-5066.


Q. How can I get on the mailing list for publications from The James?


A. To subscribe, please call Ohio State University Medical Center's Communications and Marketing office at (614) 293-3670 or sign up via the Contact Us page on this Web site.


Q. How can I learn about breakthroughs and the latest technology and research cancer findings at The James?


A. Please go to the News & Events area and read about the remarkable discoveries that are happening here at The James. Watch for the next televised “Breakthroughs” program seen locally on WBNS, 10-TV.


Q. What can you tell me about the capsule endoscopy?


A. This FDA-approved procedure is performed to examine the small bowel. Pictures are taken using a camera inside a capsule that the patient swallows, then reviewed by the radiologist to determine it there are any abnormalities that require further investigation. Many insurance providers cover the cost of the procedure, which currently costs about $2,400.


Q. If a patient is too weak to travel, can the records be sent to The James and a second opinion rendered?


A. Part of the evaluation of the patient is a physical examination as well as a discussion with the healthcare team about the patient's mental preparedness for treatment. Certainly the medical work-up and the treatment records are important elements, but the patient and the treatment team should meet face-to-face to establish the best plan of care.


Q. What does it mean when The James is listed as a Comprehensive Cancer Center?


A. The Comprehensive Cancer Center designation by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) is a noble distinction for The James. To obtain recognition from the NCI, the institution has to pass a rigorous peer review. Under NCI guidelines, The James must perform research in three major areas: basic research; clinical research; and cancer prevention, control, and population-based research. The James is required to have a strong body of interactive research that bridges these defined areas. In addition, The James must conduct activities in outreach, education and information provision, which are directed toward both the health professional and lay community.

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