The National Cancer Institute estimates that by the year 2020, there will be approximately 20 million cancer survivors. People with a history of cancer are living longer due to early diagnosis and better treatments.

Cancer survivors include those who have been diagnosed with cancer and the people in their lives who are touched by the diagnosis. As such, cancer survivorship care begins the day of diagnosis and continues throughout a person’s lifespan. Issues faced by survivors go beyond medical treatment and many cancer survivors face life-long physical, emotional, spiritual and practical challenges of living with cancer.

At The James, we believe that survivorship is an essential component of your cancer care. Our goal is to offer you the information, support and resources you need to improve your quality of life, longevity and general well being. We are dedicated to providing personalized care to meet your unique needs and look forward to serving you.

Personalized care is not routine care. One way in which The James is making sure you receive personalized care is through our survivorship clinics and our Supportive Care Screening tool.

Questions on the tool ask about 6 areas of your life:
Physical concerns such as nausea or vomiting, fatigue or lack of energy, weakness, sleeping difficulty, pain or shortness of breath
Emotional concerns such as worry or anxiety, anger, coping or feeling overwhelmed
Spiritual or religious concerns such as spiritual practices or the meaning of life
Cognitive or thinking concerns such as memory problems or confusion
Healthcare decision-making or planning
Social or practical issues such as housing problems, financial or insurance issues or transportation availability

Your answers to questions on the tool will help your cancer team identify your specific areas of concern and address them quickly and effectively by providing you with resources to help meet your needs.

All patients who receive care at The James will be screened. The questionnaire can be completed in less than 10 minutes. Your responses are reviewed by your cancer team so you get the assistance and resources you need.

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