Brain Cancer

Brain cancer, or a primary brain tumor, is a cancer that begins in the tissues of the brain.  It rarely spreads to other parts of the body, although if not treated, it will grow and the symptoms will worsen over time.  Brain cancer is a leading cause of cancer-related deaths, but research has produced new, more effective treatment methods.  Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy are the most commonly used treatments.

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Our multidisciplinary brain and spine neuro-oncology clinic at The James brings together a team of expert physicians to provide patients the benefit of the latest knowledge and techniques in related areas of specialization.

With research and treatment areas under one roof at the OSU Comprehensive Cancer Center – James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute, we are able to better facilitate translational research and the application of research advances to patient care.  For example:

  • Gamma knife surgeryis a stereotactic radiosurgery technique used to treat people with brain cancer and other neurological disorders. With this specialized radiation machine, 201 tiny, Cobalt60 radioactive sources precisely direct radiation beams, which all converge in one spot. Complex computer computations are carried out to create an individualized treatment plan for each patient and each tumor. The procedure has been used to treat nearly 80,000 individuals to date. The James is one of the only central Ohio facilities that offers gamma knife surgery. 
  • Through the use of intra-operative magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and a global positioning system (GPS) in the operating room, OSUCCC-James surgeons are able to remove brain tumors with greater efficiency and less risk.This technology enables the surgeons to operate while patients are anesthetized, but awake, which is especially effective in helping to preserve patients’ speech functions.  
  • Physicians at The James may also use Peacock Stereotactic Radiotherapy, a radiation treatment method that helps focus treatment precisely to a selected area. The Peacock system is able to hold the head very still, then guide and shape the radiation that destroys the tumor. The dose of radiation is carefully planned to be a safe amount in the right place. Aiming the radiation only at the tumor helps protect other important nerves and areas of the brain. 

As one of only four institutions approved by the National Cancer Institute (NCI) to conduct phase I and II clinical trials on NCI sponsored anticancer agents, the OSUCCC – James has access to more leading-edge targeted cancer therapies than most hospitals across America. That translates to better outcomes, fewer side effects and more hope. Search open cancer clinical trials​.​

If you have questions about brain cancer, please call The James Line – a free cancer information resource and physician referral service – at 614-293-5066 or 1-800-293-5066 (outside Franklin County) or  e-mail now, The James Line oncology nurses can be reached Monday-Friday 8:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (except weekends and holidays).​​​​​

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