Cancer Research at a Land Grant University
On July 2, the United States celebrated the 150th anniversary of one of President Abraham Lincoln's most significant legacies: the Morrill Land-Grant College Act.
It led to the founding in 1870 of The Ohio State University, Ohio's land-grant institution.


Like all land-grant institutions, Ohio State emphasized the agricultural and mechanical arts, while also including the sciences and classical studies. It has since embraced nearly every branch of study, and today it has 14 colleges, including a highly respected College of Medicine.

In 1976, Ohio State became a National Cancer Institute (NCI)-designated Comprehensive Cancer Center, and in 1990 it opened the Midwest's first free-standing cancer hospital. In 2010, the OSUCCC – James received an exceptional rating from the NCI, and in 2014 we will open a larger James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute.

Its size, scope and the excellence of its programs have made Ohio State one of our nation's top research universities. This issue of Frontiers demonstrates how our breadth and depth provide extraordinary opportunity for diverse research collaborations.

"Campus Connections," for example, shows how OSUCCC – James researchers in computational drug design, organic synthesis and cancer biology came together to develop a targeted inhibitor of a key regulatory protein in cancer cells, while collaborators with expertise in cancer biology, food science and clinical trials testing are developing a soy bread to reduce the risk of prostate cancer.

"A Mutual Exchange" describes how the OSUCCC – James and Ohio State's College of Veterinary Medicine are collaborating in testing new anticancer agents. The Frontline commentary "Harnessing Ohio State's Innovation Engine" reviews how diverse elements at Ohio State are enabling the OSUCCC – James to systematically discover and develop new anticancer drugs.

As you peruse this issue, perhaps you will agree that, but for Ohio State, such innovative and promising efforts might never have occurred.

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