Upfront - The Director's Perspective

Recognizing Progress in Cancer Research The National Cancer Act turns 40, and we present examples of research accomplishments by OSUCCC – James investigators MICHAEL A. CALIGIURI, MD DIRECTOR, COMPR ...[Read more]
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FrontLine - The Researcher's Voice

Prescription for Progress in Cancer Prevention By Peter G. Shields, MD, deputy director, The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center – Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital and Richard J. Solove Research Institute, member of the OSUC ...[Read more]
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HITTING THE MARK Targeted Agent Shows Promise in Biliary Cancer The experimental agent selumetinib showed promising results in people with advanced biliary cancer in a multi-institutional study led by researchers at ...[Read more]
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Of Note

AWARDS AND RECOGNITIONS Clara D. Bloomfield, MD, a Distinguished University Professor at Ohio State and cancer scholar and senior adviser to the OSUCCC – James, has been elected to the American Academy of A ...[Read more]
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Satellite to Street View

Progress in cancer research has delivered a molecular view of malignancy that reveals cancer to be many diseases requiring personalized care. By BOB HECKER When President Nixon signed the National Cancer Act in 1971, he made the conquest of cancer ...[Read more]
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Endonasal Skull-Base Surgery

The OSUCCC – James Comprehensive Skull Base Surgery Center offers an endoscopic approach and comprehensive care for tumors of the skull base, paranasal sinuses, spine and brain. Photo above from left: Daniel Prevedello, MD, ...[Read more]
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What Can Be The Why?

KATHLEEN BORIS-LAWRIE, PHD, OSUCCC – James Researcher and PATRICK GREEN, PHD, Co-leader, OSUCCC – James Viral Oncology Program Research on retroviruses has revolutionized our understanding of cancer and remains a ...[Read more]
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2011 Pelotonia Fellowships Support Student-Proposed Cancer Research at Ohio State

Grants fund research by undergraduate, graduate, medical and postdoctoral students RIDERS IN PELOTONIA '11 make their way through rural Ohio countryside. Each year, Pelotonia – a bicycling event that raises money for cancer research at The Ohio St ...[Read more]
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